There are two distinct stages to every adoption in Oklahoma. Before an Oklahoma Court awards adoptive parents parental rights and responsibilities, it first determines whether: (1) the biological parents voluntarily relinquished their parental rights by consenting to the adoption; or (2) a Court terminated those rights. One of these specifications are met, the Court conducts an investigation to decide whether it is in the child’s best interests that the adoptive parents adopt the child. As a part of this investigation, prospective adoptive parents undergo a home study, FBI background check, state criminal background check, and a search of the child abuse and neglect files of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services among other things.

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When a biological parent remarries, there may be times when it is appropriate for the new spouse to adopt the biological parent’s child(ren). Though the other biological parent may consent to the adoption, Oklahoma Courts typically follow that same process as in a standard adoption with regard to the adopting parent if consent is not given, except that some of the requirements may not be necessary since at least one of the child’s parents will still be biological.

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In order for a grandparent to adopt his/her grandchild, the same adoption process is followed as in a typical adoption.

If adoption of the grandchild is not the answer, grandparents also have a legal right to visitation with their grandchild under certain, limited circumstances. Please see our page on Child Custody and Visitation for more information.