Cornell Law Firm is a family-owned and operated law firm serving families across the state of Oklahoma. Our firm features a mother-daughter team of attorneys who work together to find the best possible solutions for their clients’ families.

We advocate for mothers, fathers, grandparents, guardians, and children in nearly any kind of legal matter that might affect a family. Our cases include divorces, legal separations, parentage disputes, child custody battles, visitation disputes, child support orders, judgment collection, protective orders, alimony, name changes, and more.

Our Tulsa-based firm provides clients across Oklahoma with compassionate, diligent, and skilled legal assistance with the private and sensitive legal matters that affect their personal lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Our small firm allows us to become familiar with all of our clients, and our firm’s tight-knit family means that when a client hires us, the client earns the care and attention of the entire firm.

When you hire our firm, our family fights for your family.

Cornell Law Firm understands that every client is unique and that every family dynamic is different. We will tailor our approach to fit your needs and find a path that ends in security and peace of mind for you and your family. With a strong commitment to staying on top of the latest trends in family law litigation, Cornell Law Firm goes above and beyond professional requirements to find the best and most effective approach to your case. Because we are dedicated to providing the highest quality services at rates that work for you, we can work on a traditional retainer basis, or on a flat-fee basis, depending on the complexity of your legal issue and the work involved.