Arguing a successful appeal can be exceptionally difficult. As a rule, the law favors the finality of judgments making it hard to win any relief from a final judgment or decree absent exceptional and compelling circumstances.  However, it is the attorney’s job to find the ‘exceptional and compelling circumstances’ in your case to win a reversal in your favor, or, in some cases to protect a favorable judgment. CORNELL LAW FIRM can help.

In an appeal, the main form of argument is through an appellate brief. An appellate brief is a written, legal argument that contains applicable case law and statutes, and applies that case law and those statutes, in a persuasive way, to the facts of your case. This brief, depending on your position, will argue that the Court either applied the law correctly or that the Court somehow abused its discretion in its final order. The Appellate Court makes a decision about the appeal based on the briefs filed by both parties. It is only in a certain number of limited cases that an oral argument may be necessary. CORNELL LAW FIRM will argue your case with precision and skill, both in writing and orally.